Unique Furniture Designs

If you dream the furniture, we can build it. Janise Langford finds some of the hands down, coolest pieces, in some of the strangest places. She is thankful that she has been blessed with the ability to see what a piece can be instead of what it is and sometimes what it is is pretty homely, if not ugly. Janise Langford loves recycling “good bones” furniture, whether it is an upholstered piece, or a vintage chest, dresser or hutch. She thoroughly enjoys the hunt for the perfect finish or the perfect fabric, that brings a lonely, unloved or perhaps discarded piece of furniture back to life!

Janise Langford currently stocks some amazing chairs. One pair comes with its own brush and feed. These wing backs are vintage gold metallic, hair on hides on the front, the backs are done in white angora, and you just can’t help but smile at these chairs! She also stocks some lovely chairs that are a bit “tamer”. These chairs just have hair on leopard print and require no brushing.

Remember, it is your house and your style. Janise Langford loves finding unique furniture that fits you. You should love where you are and enjoy your home. She is a stocking dealer for hair on hides and has fabulous samples, plus a variety on hand. She also stocks several lines of furniture that at first glance appear vintage, but are actually new pieces that only “look” vintage. These pieces can be ordered in a variety of colors (even lime green) and are just spectacular! There is a large selection of furniture whether it’s buffets, hutches, tables, chairs, armoires, or dressers.

For more information about Foxtales and Janise Langford Designs, contact us today! Give us a call at (806) 277-0034 or Contact Us via email. We are located at 1501 Haskell St. in Wellington, Texas. Whether you are looking for a unique venue or need help designing your new home, we can help make your vision become a reality.